7 Steps to Freedom

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What is 7 steps to freedom?

It is a video training course you can get access to as a basic member of Four Percent Group. Free to join

This is a quick overview of what this program offers

  • A Clear Target – You need to set a goal and know what you want before you can get there. As Earl Nightingale says in The Strangest Secret, if you set a boat off with out a captain or crew and no destination, the boat will likely not get very far and end up crashing and derelict!
  • A Money Plan – Organizing your finances is key when starting a business, not something that you might think about when you anticipate generating a profit. An informative module that covers expenses, taxes, charity, personal and investments.
  • Create a Game Plan – Work out how you are going to achieve your goal. This module demonstrates the best method of doing so today.
  • A Goal Card – Not everybody knows that the ‘secret’ talked about in the seminal book Think and Grow Rich is actually carrying a goal card and reading it every day.
  • Your HUB – Your website should be central to how you structure your business. A business cannot get very far if relying on just affiliate links and funnels.
  • 1,000 Members – To achieve greatness, one of your goals should be to have 1,000 customers that are part of your tribe.
  • Scale to Become The Best – It is not natural to limit yourself if you can become better. Like a growing tree or flower, you should become the very best you can be.

Why is this so important?

Most of the time when people want to do something to change their life but somehow it just seem so difficult to do it and they just give up and stay in their comfortzone instead. While some of us who didn't grow up in a wealthy family is pretty much programed since we were a kid by our surroundings to feed our brain the informations and ways of life of how.. the non wealthy people's ways of dealing with things... which pretty much got us to where we are in life now... in order to get out of thinking like how we were programed to think we need to switch it to how the rich and wealthy people's mind is like when it comes to money. Have you ever had people telling you that money is not important to them ? Ever noticed the people that say something like that are people who most likely are not rich... well that's just a delusion they give themselves to make themselves feel better about not having more money. If you've been with me for a while now.. you would know that i grew up with nothing. I remember never getting a single present for my birthday since 3 years old...I still remember the days when i was homeless like it was yesterday, how i turned out the way i was doing whatever i had to do just to survive... I'll never forget the day when my first car got repossessed. The time when i was looked down upon and disrespected because i lost everything i had. Money is important to everyone, for a fact, from experience. All of those problems wouldn't have been a problem to me at all if i had the money back in the days when it happened. I really wished that i knew the things i know now instead of wasting all those years getting myself in and out of jail, risking my life and freedom for money just to survive... This training is actually one of the main reason that I decided to get out of my own comfortzone and completely change my life. What i learned from it really stick with me for the rest of my life, which is why I really want to share this with you and i want you to experience the same thing that opened up my mind.

Sooooooo................. Lets get this thing rolling shall we?

Goto this page to sign up for your basic account for free.

then login and you will see this and simply do those 4 boxes and you'll be inside the 7 Steps to Freedom training. Make sure you actually pay attention and follow everything. If it can change me, it will change your life too.