The Ultimate Business set up!

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This is the layout of how the business will be set up


Here's a list of expenses (more like investment, since your paying for these to make more money)

YOUR BUSINESS'S DOMAIN, i got mine from Bluehost

FOUR PERCENT GOLD ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP ($1,997 USD or $297 per month for 12 months)

What we need from the FourPercent Gold Annual Membership :

* 7 steps to freedom

*success challenge for affiliate marketing

*E-stage to build your hub

*wealth autopilot marketing system

(there's alot more than just these few things when you get Gold annual membership but these are just the things we need to get the business set up and running)

WEBINARFUEL ($997 per year USD)

(make sure you get this through the afffiliate marketing success challege from fourpercent so you get plugged into the the eco system, i'll explain as you read on)


Wealth autopilot marketing system is built to promote this company

monthly auto savers ($99 or 149 or 250)

I suggest you go for at least 149 because you get MS70 mints which is worth way more than MS69

(you can start with 1 account but ideally, you should start with 3 accounts instead you will see why as you read on)

MLM Gateway ($25)

This is where your quality leads will be coming from

Team build club

Now let me explain how everything is set up and connected together.

After you finished 7 steps to freedom you will have your goal cards ready its important to set your goals so you can actually work towards it and you know exactly what your trying to accomplish a vision you can focus on.

Start going through Success challenge for Affiliate marketing, here you will learn to use E-stage to build your hub. Your Home on the internet, where you will be able to Sell, Promote, and also recycle your leads. The most important part of your business is here.

as you set up your hub you will learn to intergrade webinar fuel into your hub. THIS IS WHERE THE SELLING WILL BE SYSTEMATIC for you.

basically fourpercent will have their sales funnels for Wealth Autopilot marketing and Affliliate Marketing already done for you so you don't have to sell anything yourself. when you have a buyer you send it to the funnel and it will do all the selling for you in the webinar that you already have. and since you got webinarfuel from fourpercent you will be set up in their eco system that you will also make 40% commission when people get webinarfuel as well.

7k metals is where the business is built on. If you don't know what 7k Metal's is about please read about it here first so you understand this is one of the best Network marketing Company out there I've done my research. ( If u see that its networkmarketing, or MLM and your going to be like scam! pyramid scheme and such and such. PLEASE DON'T BE SO ARROGANT and go for a quick read HERE ). Their compensation plan is a binary 2 by 2 matrix that pays from $250-500 per week and up to $12,500 per week !

So here's what your going to be getting paid for approximately

you will be paid in fourpercent for them joining the gold level membership yearly which is like around $400 per person per year.

you will be getting paid when they sign up for webinarfuel around $400 per person per year

7k metals you will be building for up to 12500 per week on THREE x accounts!